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Account Number
LIR account number

This is a unique number that the RIPE NCC uses as your billing account number.
LIR address

This field is being replaced by more structured postal address fields.
Allocations Made by the RIPE NCC
Allocated address space

An allocation is a block of address space set aside for current and future usage.
Archived Properties
Archived Properties

Due to policies certain properties are no longer supported. For example the IPv4 approved assignments and the approval history. Archived Properties can be still queried on the Archived Properties page
Assignment Documentation
Assignment Documentation

Details of assignments documented using the PA Assignment Wizard.
Assignment Window
Assignment Window (AW)

An Assignment Window (AW) refers to the maximum number of addresses that can be assigned by the LIR to their own network or per year to an End Users network without prior approval from the RIPE NCC.
Assignments Approved by RIPE NCC
Assigned address space

These are assignments that have been requested and approved by the RIPE NCC.
Autonomous System Numbers
AS Numbers (ASN)

An Autonomous System (AS) is a group of IP networks run by one or more network operators that has a single and clearly defined routing policy.
Billing Address
LIR billing address

This field should contain the full postal address to send billing-related information. It should also contain the name of the responsible person. If no person is mentioned in the billing address the first LIR contact will be listed as a billing contact.
Billing Category
Size of LIR

Here you will find the billing category of your LIR stated as a size; EXTRA SMALL, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or EXTRA LARGE.
Billing E-mail
LIR billing e-mail

This is the e-mail address to be used to send billing-related information.
Billing Phase
LIR billing phase

Billing Phase information can be found at:
Billing Reference
LIR billing reference

This text will be used in invoices for reference by the LIR, e.g. RIPE NCC LIR.
Change Password
To change your password

Please enter the password used to login to this site as "Current Password". You can use the unique, suggested password if you wish. Type the new password you have chosen, then confirm this by re-typing the new password in the "Confirm New Password" field.
Optional comments

This field is optional. It can be used to specify your position. For example "Network Engineer" or "Sales Consultant".
Registered LIR contacts

Only the people listed here can send requests for your LIR to the RIPE NCC.
Two letter (ISO) country code

In this field enter the ISO country code where the LIR assigns addresses or provides services.
LIR e-mail address

This should be the central e-mail address used by the LIR.
Fax Number
LIR main fax number

Please include the country code of the LIRs fax number in the format +<country code><number>.
Industry categories

This field describes your industry sector and is for internal use only.
Invoice Hard Copy
Invoice Hard Copy

You will receive a hard copy sent by post in addition to the invoice sent to you by email.
Invoicing Period
Invoicing Period

This is the applicable billing invoicing period. YEARLY is the normal invoicing period. HALF YEARLY and QUARTERLY are possible options made by prior arrangement with the RIPE NCC.
Legacy address space
Legacy address space

Legacy space is the IPv4 address space that was distributed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority’s (IANA) central registry prior to the formation of the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system. After the RIPE NCC was established as an RIR, IANA authorised it to take over administrative responsibility of the address space that it had distributed in what is now defined as the RIPE NCC service region (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia).
Announcements e-mail

Please include e-mail addresses that wish to receive announcements from the RIPE NCC. Please make sure announcements from the RIPE NCC will be forwarded to the contacts of the registry. It is mandatory to have at least one e-mail address per LIR. Do not subscribe an automated ticketing system email address to the mailing lists. This results in unwanted emails that disrupt discussion on the mailing lists.
NCC-members discuss
Members discussion list

A members-only list where RIPE NCC members who have subscribed can discuss membership related issues. More information available at:

Your LIR must have a membership status FULL to be subscribed to this list. Members who have a status other than FULL will not be able to subcribe, even though their e-mail appears in this box. Members whose status alters while they are subscribed will be automatically unsubscribed from the membership discussion list. Do not subscribe an automated ticketing system email address to the mailing lists. This results in unwanted emails that disrupt discussion on the mailing lists.
Unique identifier for person objects

NIC-handles (nic-hdl) are unique identifiers for person objects in the RIPE Database.
New Assignments
New Assignments

Use the link below to create new assignments wizard which previously was located under the request forms page.
Organisation name

A short descriptive name of the organisation running the LIR. It is used in lists and wherever a short description is appropriate. Before changing this attribute please contact a RIPE NCC Hostmaster at
Outstanding Payments
LIR billing history

Here you will find information detailing the LIRs billing history.
PI Assignments made by the RIPE NCC
Assigned address space

These are assignments made directly by the RIPE NCC, e.g. Provider Independent (PI) assignments.
LIR main phone number

Please include the country code of the LIRs phone number in the format +<country code><number>.
Electronic format of your invoice

This is the way you receive your invoices, E-MAIL ASCII or E-mail (PostScript).
Unique registry identifier

This string uniquely identifies an LIR. The format for the RegID is <country code>.<registry name>. Please note that this is only an administrative identifier and is not necessarily associated with your business. If you want to change the RegID after the LIR has been set up, the RIPE NCC will charge an extra set-up fee for administrative overhead.
RIPE NCC Ticketing System

Click on the ticket number for further information including an explanation of terms.

The type field specifies whether this is a "PROVIDER" LIR that will be assigning addresses to End Users or an "ENTERPRISE" LIR that will only be assigning addresses within its organisation.
LIR billing VAT number

This is the Value Added Tax (VAT) number that is required for billing LIRs inside the European Union (EU). If this number is not provided the Dutch VAT will be billed. If your LIR has no billing address in the EU please type "outside EU".